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Libraries can be described by some as stoic buildings full of organized clutter.  Odd shaped book protruding from a vast array of sterile metal containers, each more determined than another to announce how disobedient they can be to conformity.  Meeting rooms always conflicted on the correct temperature, and patrons eager to share their half of a phone conversation. “Shhhh” a librarian balks at a group of teenagers, not one can describe a card catalog. Thousands upon thousands of miniature index cards, each with its own story about the lunch of the fella before you. The center of the library cries outdated, drab, and overcompensating lighting to highlight the misgivings of a roof that just couldn’t handle the snowfall that year. Luckily, the carpet leaves us a reminder, and conjures up more imagination than a faceless book that impregnates your thoughts of boredom within.

On the other hand, others would describe the library as the epicenter, command post, and the transmogrified polar opposite of those who judge a book by its cover.  Utopia awaits just on the other side of what must be bullet-proof glass doors, perfectly designed to allow early gawkers a first viewing of the books of the week. More than the eye can see, but around every turn is shelf after shelf of books bustling with stories, adventures, heroines, villains, remote worlds, and each centimeters from plunging to a broken spine all in effort to gander a glimpse into its direction.  Gateways to other worlds, and portals to our own devices abound us in a sea of tranquility. Faintly, in a distant corner, you hear a gasp from a small child who just made yet another discovery. Alas, what more could a person wish for. A dreamer shouts the key to it all, the quest for the fountain of youth. Last Reader awaits you, fulfill your thirst.